Mu Shu chicken rollWhen it comes to American Chinese food you’ve probably eaten all the classics like Sweet & Sour Chicken, Beef & Broccoli, Chicken Fried Rice, etc. But have you ever explored the rest of the menu? I’m going to walk you through some great dishes that you just might want to try out next time you see a Chinese menu.

My all-time favorite Chinese dish to eat is Mu Shu with the meat of your choice. It’s shredded vegetables, eggs and meat sautéed in a wok. Then it’s served with Mandarin pancakes and plum sauce. Mandarin pancakes have a radius of about 8 inches and are light and pleasantly chewy. The magic happens when you put a little bit of the sautéed meat and vegetable mix on one of the pancakes and add a dollop of plum sauce. Plum sauce is a thick brown sauce that has both a touch of sweet and sour taste to it. And I like a lot of it but start out with just a little to see what you think. Then you roll it up and eat it like a taco or burrito. Some restaurants like for you to enjoy the experience of assembling it yourself while others do it for you.

My next suggestion is to try anything Tofu on the Chinese menu next time you see one. Think about it, the Asian culture developed tofu.You know they are experts at cooking it! Most restaurants use a medium density or firm tofu so it holds up when you’re tossing it in the wok but soft Tofu isn’t to be passed up either. Tofu can be fried or tossed as is in a wok so be sure to ask how it’s cooked if you have a preference.  I recommend starting out with tofu that’s fried and then working your way down to soft. Tofu takes on the taste of what it’s cooked with, so Chinese sauces marry well as they range from salt based to spicy to sweet or a combination of all three. Give it a shot…you may like it!

Finally, take a good hard look at the entire menu as it may have something on it you’ve never tried. For example, we have Egg Drop Soup, Hot & Sour Soup and Miso Soup but did you know we have a fantastic light soup packed with delicious seafood and made from scratch broth called…you got it…Seafood Soup. It’s delicious.

It’s fun to try out different flavored cuisines. Ask about that dish you’ve always wondered about and give it a try. It may become your favorite!