Crunchy Crawfish RollCalifornia. Philadelphia. Jackson. No, they’re not just places—at least not here at Asia Garden. These three words also happen to be the names of some of our most popular Maki Rolls. What exactly is a Maki Roll, you ask? It is simple, tasty, fresh, and perfect for an entrance into the sushi world. Maki Rolls are the more familiar sushi rolls that you will find at any sushi restaurant and are more simply made than our special house rolls. Taking just a handful of ingredients like fresh seafood and vegetables, our expert sushi chefs roll them up inside of nori (seaweed) and sushi rice. Sometimes a sprinkle of fish roe, furikake (a yummy Japanese condiment), or sesame seeds top these delectable creations, and sometimes we even add one of our yummy house sauces to add some kick to your tastebuds!

Our Maki Rolls at Asia Garden aren’t just your everyday sushi rolls, though. Ours are larger than other sushi restaurants, bursting with even more flavor and fresh ingredients. Our sushi chefs aren’t limited in their creativity and creations—they are daily sushi artists! Our Maki Rolls are also very wallet-friendly (with many rolling to your table at under $9) and make great additions to some of our other menu items so you can build your own budget-friendly meal.

If you open our sushi menu you’ll find a plethora of Maki Rolls for your choosing—but just for starters lets go back to those names that might strike a familiar taste and maybe a bonus roll for you, some of these Maki Rolls are customer favorites:

California Roll—probably one of the most familiar Maki Rolls, this cooked roll contains crab stick, fresh cucumber and avocado, and is topped with roe (fish eggs). It is one of the most common, yet most popular, rolls we service. If you’re just dabbling in the sushi world, this roll might be the perfect one to try!

Philadelphia Roll­­—stepping up the simple sushi game with smoked salmon, cream cheese, and avocado, this Maki Roll has just the right amount of savory and sweet to tantalize your taste buds.

Jackson Roll—another delicious, cooked roll, the Jackson Roll is like a California Roll elevated. With snow crab mix, crab sticks, avocado, and topped with fish eggs, this Maki Roll gives the best of taste and texture. Another good sushi starter roll, the Jackson Roll is a local favorite here in Jackson, TN and pairs great with our entire menu.

Crunchy Crawfish—Cooked and spicy, this Maki Roll is a flavor explosion with crawfish, crunch, and topped with fish eggs, mayo, and Siracha. If you want some kick to your sushi, this roll will be perfect for you.

And if you check out our menu, you’ll find even more Maki Rolls that might just become YOUR favorites.