Local Spotlight: Asia Garden Chinese + Japanese Restaurant

Asia Garden Chinese + Japanese Restaurant (Front View)If you’re like me, you have an affinity for all kinds of cuisine…from the most American you can get to the most exotic. I even love restaurants who are a fusion of various cuisines where you can get a variety. That is one of the main reasons I absolutely love one of our local Jackson, Tennessee gems–Asia Garden Chinese + Japanese Restaurant. From sushi to egg rolls and everything in between, you’d be hard pressed to not find something for everyone here. As someone who loves both Chinese and Japanese food, Asia Garden is one of my favorite spots to grab lunch or have a great dinner. I recently visited for lunch and was lucky enough to try so many yummy menu items and even get to go “behind the scenes” to see sushi chefs Danny & Martin work their magic. All in all, the experience was fantastic as always, so I wanted to share a bit of it here with you! A word of caution…don’t try to lick your computer screen when you see these yummy photos!

If you’re local to the area, you may know that Asia Garden has a long standing history here, having been opened by the Yeh family in 1985 and for many years, located in a small, tucked away spot in the Hamilton Hills Shopping Center (read more about their history here). I remember enjoying many great meals there with friends in college and in the past few years with my husband, as well. But as great eateries tend to do, Asia Garden outgrew there former site and it is now located right across the shopping center in a larger space that provides many more opportunities for growth while still keeping their intimate family owned atmosphere present.

Wonton Soup

Wonton Soup

As I mentioned before, I’m a sucker for almost any Chinese or Japanese cuisine, so I had a bit of both. During lunch, Asia Garden does a great special with their Chinese food, and at $7.95 for a main course, soup, and rice or lo mein, you can taste almost anything on the menu. It is truly one of the best lunch deals in Jackson! Since I am an egg roll fanatic, I was pleasantly surprised to see the Two Egg Roll lunch, which included two egg rolls (obviously! Haha!), my choice of soup (I chose wonton which was DELICIOUS!), and my choice of white rice, fried rice, or lo mein. I chose the lo mein because that is one of my favorite dishes from Asia Garden (try their dinner portion…it is HUGE!). The egg rolls were perfectly crispy, served with sweet & sour sauce, and the wonton soup was the best I have EVER had. The lo mein was, of course, delightful and just the right portion size.

Egg Rolls

Egg Rolls

But there’s more! The sushi! Asia Garden offers a large variety of traditional sushi, sashimi, and rolls, as well as a ton of specialty rolls for your tastebuds to enjoy. I tried the Jackson Roll (similar to a California roll with no cucumber and added snow crab mix), the Spicy Girl Roll (shrimp tempura, spicy salmon, and crunch, topped with house and eel sauce), and probably my favorite–the Eel Box Sushi (rice, then snow crab mix, then rice, and then on top, fish eggs, eel, and avocado–see the picture at the top!). I highly recommend the box sushi! The presentation is gorgeous and the sushi itself is delectable. Asia Garden’s rolls are larger than normal, so even one smaller roll, such as the Jackson Roll is enough for one, but they offer several options for lunch and combinations of rolls and types of sushi, so you definitely will not be disappointed in any sushi selection.

Eel Box Sushi

Eel Box Sushi

Spicy Girl Roll

Spicy Girl Roll

My lunchtime experience at Asia Garden definitely did not disappoint, and it remains one of my favorite restaurants in Jackson. The rest of our local residents agree as the restaurant has won multiple awards several years in a row for their sushi, Chinese, and Japanese food–and it is well deserved! They also offer pickup orders and now delivery stretching from north to south Jackson via their website (Check it out HERE!), the Waitr App, Door Dash, and Uber Eats. My south Jackson folks–they even deliver out our way!! If you’re local to the area and haven’t been, especially since they’ve moved to their new location, go check it out! Their new space is gorgeous and as colorful, yet sophisticated, as the food you’ll enjoy! If you’re just passing through, make a turn toward the Hamilton Hills Shopping Center and drop in for lunch or dinner. You will be glad you did!

Asia Garden is located at 660 Carriage House Drive, Jackson, Tennessee.

I’ll leave you with some more images from my fantastic lunch, including some behind the scenes images watching the sushi chefs!
The Making of a California Roll

The makings of a California roll

Martin working on a california roll

Martin working on a California roll

California Roll

Danny working on a chef roll

Danny working on a Chef Roll

Finished California Roll

Finished California roll





Decorative glass wall

Love this wall!

The Gorgeous interior

The gorgeous interior!

Jackson Roll

Jackson Roll